It all starts with the Kaz

The Kaz is a square one color sticker that sticks anywhere and is easily repositionable. Stick them one by one to recreate your model.



For all models over 250 Kaz, contains all your Kaz (and some extra), a manual and setup guide.

Mini Box

Used for some models having maximum 250 Kaz, contains all your Kaz (and some extra), a manual and setup guide.


All the models comes with some extra Kaz for each color in case you make a mistake or need to replace them.

The choice of sizes means that you can design your Stickaz to fit in any space. Pick your desired size between 1.5, 2, 3, 4 or 5 cm squares (that’s 0.6", 0.8", 1.2", 1.6" or 2").

Inside the boxes

Each model comes with a manual and instructions to set up your model.
See the details in the "How it works" section.


Mini Box

How it works?

  • Stick the first Kaz in the center

  • Complete the first line

  • Continue line by line

  • Share your picture


Stickaz Collection

Inspired work from the Stickaz team.

All the classic pixel-art models.

Arranged by themes: City, Icon, Monsters, Animals ...

Community Collection

Designs made by the Stickaz members.

Create your own and share it.

Browse between more than thousands of models.


Create your model

With our online Studio editing tool, you can create your very own model Kaz by Kaz. Have fun recreating your favorite characters, logos, monuments and more ... in pixel art.

Share your creations

Submit your creations and get them published in the official catalogue and earn a 10% coupon on each sales.