When does my order leave your warehouse?

Once we have received your order, it will leave our warehouse within 24h during weekdays, and on monday morning for any orders made during the weekend.

How can I get free shipping?

You get free shipping for any order where the total amount of your cart is over 30€, 30£ or $45!

What's included in the shipping fees?

The shipping fees includes the packaging, the handling costs, and postage fees. The shipping fees depends on the amount and weight of your order, and on your delivery address. We advise you to group your orders together. We won't be able to group 2 orders together, and you would have to pay the shipping fees for each of them.

What's the delivery time?

The delivery time depends on the selected transporter.

FedEx International Priority
Delivered within 24H around the world and is FREE for any orders over 30€, 30£ or $45 in Europe, USA & Canada. Fedex shipping is also available for all other orders for an extra fee of 10€, 10£ or 15$.

Standard Priority Mail: 1.7€ to 6€
Only available for orders shipped in Europe (under 30€ or 30£) and for all International orders. Minimum delivery time: 4 to 8 working days.